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What is naturopathy ?


Naturopathy is a healthy lifestyle in line with our physiology. Naturopathy aims at preserving or restauring health using natural methods that respect the way the body way works.

It built on 10 technics. Three are known as fondamental because they are the essential foundation of health. The remaining 7, labelled as secondary, support the auto-regeneration and strenghen the vital force of the body.

Three major technics:




Physical activity


Psycho-relaxation / stress management

7 minor technics :


Water technics




Breathing technics


Manual technics




Energy technics


Light technics

Holistic naturopathy is the art of healthy lifestyle and natural health that consider human beings on all plans (physical, energetical, emotional, mentale, spiritual, social and cultural). It is based on 5 principles:

  1. Vitalism: philosophy based on the existence of a vital force essential and indispensable for health and healing
  2. Humorism: science that studies the quality of the humors (organic body fluids) and their link with health and sickness
  3. Hygienism: lifestyle in line with laws of nature
  4. Causalism: searching for the root cause, i.e. what creates the symptom
  5. Holism: global approach that takes into account all human beings’ dimensions/plans and their inter-relationships

The naturopath uses 4 programs:

  1. Detox : overloads draining by stimulating emonctary functions and by promoting relaxation and stress management
  2. Revitalisation : set up of a individualized nutritional plan, elimination of devitalizing factors and integration of vitalizing elements
  3. Stabilization : harmonisation biological, energetical and environmental exchanges, and promotion of transpersonal growth
  4. Anti-radicals : elimination of oxydative sources and incorporation of antioxydants

Naturopath’s roles

The naturopath has 5 roles :

  • Educating : the naturopath is a healthy lifestyle and general heath adviser; notably in prevention of sickness
  • Supporting auto-regenaration : the naturopath does not heal but helps the body to heal itself thanks to a healthy lifestyle
  • Responsabilizing : the naturopath gives you healthy lifestyle keys.However, it is your responsibility to implement them in your life and to become the main actor of your health
  • Collaborating : the naturopath collaborates with other medecines (allopathic and alternatives) and remains humble enough to know his/her limitations and when to delegate
  • Supporting holistic growth on all plans (physical, energetical, psychic, spiritual, social and cultural)

Naturopath’s deontologie  :

Each Naturopath is registered at OMNES (French professional naturopath association) and agrees to respect the deontology code of conduct (FENAHMAN)


The first session is generally divided into 2 parts: a vitality assessment and an anamnesis. The goal is to get a better understanding of who you are and your circumstances.

The vitality assessment aims to evaluate your vitality (innate capital and how you have been managing it over the years). It is essential to determine which program will best suit you.

Both anamnesis and vitality assessment will enable me to design a personnalized healthy lifestyle plan that suits you. This plan will encompass: nutrition, physical activities, psycho-relaxtion and stress management advices, as well as minor technics when needed.

Anamnesis and vitality assessment are not a diagnostic. Your personnalized healthy lifestyle plan is not a prescription. Therefore, a naturopathy consultation cannot replace a doctor’s consultation and does not exempt you from your allopathic treatment.