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FREE 20 minutes Intuitive Reading

In an intuitive reading, I will work on one of your issue. I will reveal to you:

  • How you are unconsciously creating this issue
  • How your unconscious mind sabotages you
  • Your general egoic strategies and tendencies
  • What is blocking you from creating what you love
  • An inspirational insight into your true nature and purpose, your gifts and talents

All that for free!

One-Off Coaching Session

I also provide one-off sessions to have a look at a given issue. For instance, if you feel stuck and frustrated because you are not able to reach a desired result, or if you are not able to make an important decision, simply book an one-off session.

It will reveal to you what is blocking you, and help you move forward.


Combo naturopathy + coaching

This program includes following modules:-

  • 1h30 naturopathy consultation
  • 1h coaching session
  • 1 hour intuitive reading

6 Months Transformational Coaching Package

2 coaching sessions per month over 6 months (12 sessions in total)
6-Months-Transformational-Coaching-PackageYou will get:

  • a set of goals that are genuinely in line with your true nature
  • a deep awareness of your egoic strategies and tendencies
  • an understanding of what is really blocking you from creating your desired results
  • a deep connection with your true creative nature and power
  • a true empowerment to achieve your goals
  • a transformational experience

Dysfonctional Formation

I can reveal your structural failure pattern to you.

A dysfunctional formation (DF) is the series of steps that you always take whenever you go for something and don’t get it. It is basically your overall pattern of failure. Your MSP is included in all your failures; relationship failures, business failures, work related failures, any failure you could possibly think of! And no matter what these failures are, the steps are always the same.

Therefore knowing your DF is essential if you intend to create anything. It helps you achieving your desired results as it gives you access points and leverages to shift out of it. I believe it is fundamental to know it no matter what you do, whether you run your own business or work for a company. Being able to recognize when you are in your MSP really helps you make better and more fruitful decisions. For instance, in business, knowing your pattern, but also your business partners’ ones, will definitely save you some deals and make you money.