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I’m passionate about creation. Since I discovered the principles of creating and started applying them, it has been life changing. Incorporating intuition to the creative process has even boosted it further. It has empowered me to change my life and experience so much more joy, excitement and adventure. I now coach people to do the same.

This is an overview of the creative process:

  • decide your end result (ER), i.e. what you want to create
  • know you current reality
  • Take action

To create, you first need to decide what you want to create, i.e. your end result. Creators always start at the end. There is a good reason what we call it an end result, it is not by chance. It is a final result, not a means to get something else. People often go for what they think they need in order to get what they want. True creators don’t. They go directly for what they truly want. Their goal is not the result of some sort of compensating strategy. Typical compensating strategies include: lowering your aspiration to fit into what you think is reasonable or possible, choosing a result designed to fix a problem as opposed to going for a true expression of your heart. If you don’t know what you want to create, then go and find out what it is. This is really the first step for changing your life. In my coaching, we use a powerful process called “the land of plenty” that removes the veil of your ego and actually shows you what your heart would love to create.

Once you have decided your ER, your next step is to assess where you are in relationship to it. Having a clear understanding of your current reality is fundamental. This is where you have a look at where you are and what is blocking you from creating your ER. It is often very tricky to see what is really going on in our consciousness. Our ego often throws a smoke screen to prevent us from seeing the truth and keeping us stuck or oscillating. Intuition comes here very handy. It helps cutting through the fog and reveals the dysfunctional beliefs or behaviours at play. It brings back to the surface what is actually happening in the deepness of your ego.

The last step is to take action based on your new understanding of your current reality. Once again we use intuition to guide us at this stage. We connect to our intuition to reveal what action we need to take or wisdom we need to acquire to create the ER.

I used this process to change my life, and to this day, I still use it for all sorts of creations, ranging from running workshops to creating an exciting trip in Africa. You can apply these principles for changing your life too. Don’t take my words for it, just try it for yourself. If you want to be guided in the process, simply book a coaching package with me. I will be delighted to support you and empower you in bringing your heart to life.

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