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Society has changed a lot in the past 30 years. People are having more and more freedom to make their own decisions and to choose their direction in life.  However there does not seem to be an overall increase in people wellbeing and happiness. So many people are actually stuck in unhappy lives, powerless in making the life changing decisions they would need and most importantly follow through on them.

How is that possible? One of the explanations could be that freedom does not necessarily mean wisdom. Can we really talk about freedom when people are actually driven by unconscious egoic beliefs? On the surface it looks like we are actually freer to choose our path but if we start to look at what is really going on, the picture seems rather different. Most of the people operate on a survival mode, unconsciously seeing life like a journey through danger. This survival mode of operating will be expressed differently depending on their core childhood wound. They do not realize they are actually functioning based on a set of beliefs and assumptions they chose when they were a child.  So their adult behaviours are actually driven by decisions made by an often scared or powerless little child.

I understand this can seem quite hard to believe. I was quite doubtful myself the first time I came across this statement. I was working in banking, had a good relationship, and thought I was a pretty mature and responsible person. But that was until I started looking below the surface. I discovered a life changing truth: my main egoic mode of operating is a fear based one. My ego is constantly and compulsively looking for safety, and scanning for potential threats. My choice of work was driven by this need for safety. I worked in big companies that I perceived to be safer than small ones. I worked in risk management which is simplistically all about making sure the bank takes controlled enough risks. Even my partner choice was partly driven by my need for safety. Most importantly, I spent my whole life trying to control myself to keep me safe. I controlled, sometimes even shut down, my true expression, my femininity and creativity in order to be safe. Who was I? A shallow version of my true self. I was not who I thought I was. From that moment, I decided to go on a quest for finding my true nature and reconnecting with it. It has been a hell of a journey! Often full of joy and excitement, often scary like hell; but so much worth it. I cannot express in words how it feels to live ones true nature and purpose. If you have not already embraced your true path, I really wish you to have a life changing awakening to your truth.


Changing your life can sometimes be difficult. If you would like help, you can book a transformational coaching package with me. I would love to support you on your journey to self discovery and mastery.

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